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Ban Bao creative blocks

Ban Bao creative blocks

Jango is a robust toy car with compression spring feature. It has exclusive structure provides support even on rough terrain. No obstacle reduces the efficiency of this supercar. The powerful pull back action gives fast acceleration. Win your races with the uniquely designed Jango!!


Mono Cruiser E - Series

JazzyTwo Bluetooth Edition is the Latest 2017's model which features an on-board high power Bluetooth speaker which can be paired with your phone, and you get to listen to your favorite music while you cruise along. Furthermore It has an upgraded motor and battery and better than ever maneuvering.

Jazzy Two- BT 2017 Edition

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5 minutes

25 Kilometer/ Charge

16 Km/H

Water Resistant

1-2 Hour

Black and Red, Black and White, Black

Weight : 10 Kg

Max Load : 130 Kg

Ban Bao creative blocks

A three wheel fun learning agile toy car that moves like a bullet. BULLET is from Banbao Super Car series that moves fast due its exclusive pull back action specificaly designed for fast car racing like no other car can provide. Building this BULLET with 118 blocks provides energetic and playful activity to kids and develop their critical skills in myriad ways.


Ban Bao creative blocks


Now you can build your own BMW with super exciting BanBao blocks.

Mono Cruiser introduced an amazing Ban Bao BMW series which is popular worldwide that helps in mental development of kids.

BanBao BMW mini 535GT has most efficient engine with sophisticated design body structure. This car is best even on rough terrains.It is designed with modern materials provides durability and amazing drive.The pull back action gives an ultimate fun to kids and make the drive dynamic and fast. With each pull back action it moves forward upto 10 meters like a bullet. It is one of the best educational construction toy stuff that enhance the critical thinking and improve the mind abilities of kids of age group 5 or above.

BanBao has the exclusive license to manufacture BMW toys and collectible cars.