Mono Cruiser

MonoCruiser has designed products as per the customer’s expectations and requirements.



The entire electronic boards have developed exceptionally. The machines are packed with complete unbelievable specifications. There are inbuilt safety precautions in each and every unit which allows smooth rides all the time. The wheel automatically cuts the power, if the rider jumps off the unit and continually beeps to aware the rider that the Gyro is no longer in action. The units are water resistant, so the rider can only enjoy it in drizzling. Mono Cruiser is unmatched, due to its advance features and functions. When 10% battery left in unit then it will continually beep to indicate the low battery and for you to get down. The unit will smoothly lean back, so the rider safely steps off. When slowing or going downhill, the vehicles will put power back in the unit. The amount of battery is being measured by the 4 LED battery lights on top of the unit.

Why Us:

We are the Manufacturer of MonoCruiser and our products are available in exclusive stores around the country. We always work beyond and above expectations, as each of our products has been designed with latest technology. MonoCruiser provides some of the most extensive and comprehensive range of electronic boards or vehicles and each of our products are compiled with an incredible specification. You will not find it anywhere else as MonoCruiser is the first electronic boards producer in Pakistan. Please be aware of the fake products as we will not be responsible for unfit products purchased from any third party website. Our products will soon be available on Daraz.com, Yayvo.com and Kaymu.com. Parts of the vehicles can be easily replaced from our service centers, so if you need a new battery or a charger, then we will replace that for you, our products are available with 3 months warranty 

Water Resistant | Safety

MonoCruiser is completely compliant with Pakistani Laws and regulations, each unit meets the standards and is water-resistant, because being able to cope in slight rain is really important. The products have been designed to keep the user safe and secure. The power is safely disengage if the unit falls over. The device will never cut upon a low battery, but it will lean back gradually till the user safely steps off.


Save the Planet:

Providing clean means of tranportation, is actually saving the planet, users can travel multiple miles, as it is a great replacement of motorbikes, cars, and other fuel dependant vehicles. So, let’s keep our planet green and works towards a better and bright future, because it cannot be possible without your supports and helps. Please contact us for more information.