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Mono Cruiser offers Smart Two Wheel Self Balancing Electric board, Safer and Easier to Learn, Double balancing systems keep you in balance and It will not fall to sideways.

Mono Cruiser Features


Solid-state inertial algorithms and sensors balance the board around the wheel, and entire units were designed to be convenient and lightweight.

Environmentally Friendly

Fast charging|40 miles achievable| latest eco technology

Hands Free

The MonoCruiser’selectronic boards provides convenient hands-free experience, as there are no hand controls, just lean forward to accelerate, lean backward to stop or slow down.


Mono Cruiser is a chargeable means of transportation with good Battery time, so you can cruise around malls, university, roads and even your Home.

Our Satisfied Clients

MonoCruiser Product Series

MonoCruiser, is the most pioneering new entrant to thePakistan electronic board industry.
It is the first electronic boards producer and leading supplier of electronic transportation in Pakistan.

Customer Service

MonoCruiser’sforemost priority is to provide high customer satisfaction, by providing high quality and on-time services. We are available in working hours for 6 days a week to answer your all inquiries and questions. Read More

Cruise Around

MonoCrusier is a totally new experience, as it has only one moving part. Control electronics and sophisticated sensors make the motion magical. With a single battery charge, an average of 40 miles distance. Read More

Top Quality

Quality and durability is one of the basic selling points to the MonoCruiser. We offer exceptional and best quality electronic boards in the market, by considering Durability is one of the key .Read More

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